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In a world that increasingly surrounds us in artificial light, it is a given that our eyes need protection from the damaging effects of HEV (High Energy Visible), or what is commonly known as blue light. Now, every lens you order can have built-in protection with proven effectiveness, in a clear lens offering today’s best protection of visual health.
Based on a unique polymer formula, Shamir Blue Zero absorbs HEV, or blue light, while maintaining lens clarity*. Shamir Blue Zero is today’s best way to protect your patients’ visual, and even general health.
*The lens may appear to have a slight yellowish tint.

Shamir Blue Zero is a unique polymer formula-based lens material featuring built-in blue light protection, which effectively absorbs UV and HEV (High Energy Visible) light. In addition to blocking just the right amount of blue light to keep eyes healthy, Shamir Blue Zero lenses maintain contrast sensitivity, ensuring high visual clarity and color perception.
Shamir Blue Zero is a clear lens. It eliminates the unsightly and annoying blue residue apparent on other products attempting to block blue light. Its lens clarity ensures comfortable vision in all light conditions, while it maintains optimal visual acuity.

Shamir Duo™

Shamir has developed a new generation of bifocal lenses that provide a more aesthetically appealing solution improving the way the wearer looks, as well as the way they see with Shamir Duo.

Focusing on the drawbacks bifocal wearers face with both their visual experience, the physical appearance of the lens, and the wearers’ perceived appearance, Shamir’s R&D team set out to develop a solution that solves these problems.

Shamir Autograph® III

Based on a groundbreaking new concept in lens design, Shamir Autograph® III is a balanced progressive lens, holistically adapted to the patient’s prescription, ensuring a clear and comfortable visual experience for all features on the right:

Taking into consideration additional parameters while designing the Shamir Autograph® III, Shamir’s R&D team developed many new features that provide the patient an optimized visual experience that is truly enhanced and personalized to their visual needs unlike any design Shamir has previously released.


Addressing the Visual Experience of Hyperopic and Myopic Presbyopes

Shamir’s R&D team focused on the fact that although their lens design is the same, each patient’s perceived viewing field is significantly different, based on their prescription. A minus power lens increases the field of view, while a plus power lens has the effect of reducing the field of view. This results in hyperopic patients experiencing a narrower viewing field than that experienced by their myopic counterparts.


Seeking to overcome the problem of different prescription-related viewing experiences through the same width viewing zone of the lens and questioning what the patient truly sees, Shamir has applied reverse engineering to its technology. Starting by defining the size of the object we want patients to see, Shamir`s Eye-Point Technology III is now able to simulate real world images and support the design of lenses that provide an improved viewing experience for all patients regardless of lens power and frame choice.


The near viewing zone in Shamir Autograph III is dynamically located within the lens corridor, taking into account the positive or negative power of the prescription. This reduces the need to tilt the head forward or back, or alternatively to lower or raise a book when reading in an attempt to find the right viewing distance and angle. Any postural discomfort is thereby minimized and patients are ensured a comfortably natural posture during near viewing.


This new technology allows Shamir’s designers to control the power profile of the lens, giving variable emphasis to the power for every given point on the lens. Shamir Autograph III is therefore optimally suited to meet the visual needs of today’s modern lifestyles that include frequent use of digital devices, without compromising on optimal viewing comfort for every viewing distance and activity.


As-Worn Technology ensures that the patient’s experience of the prescription once the lens is fit into the frame, is exactly the same as when originally measured by the optometrist, giving the patient the same viewing comfort and visual acuity. Multiplying the design dimensions by four, As-Worn Quadro improves on this technology, allowing Shamir Autograph III to provide four times greater design stability to frame tilt variations in any chosen frame.

How to fit Shamir Autograph® III

Provide the following information to order :
• Supply the Doctors refracted Rx

• Frame Data: (A, B, DBL) or frame tracer file

• Fitting height & Mono PD (far)

• Panoramic angle 

• Pantoscopic tilt (patient should hold his head in a natural position and look straight ahead during measurement)

• Fitted vertex distance

Min Fitting Heights: 

11mm, 13mm, 15mm, 18mm

*Variable design also available: 11mm and up


Maximum measurements for maximum lens performance

For maximum lens performance, Shamir strongly recommends providing all the above mentioned measurements. Shamir also recommends providing the patient’s frame measurements
(panoramic angle, pantoscopic tilt and fitted vertex distance) based on measurements made with one of Shamir’s measuring tools.


The final result – An amazing improvement in the visual experience of hyperopic presbyopes and unparalleled clarity for all!